The OAH-NPS Collaboration

“The objective of this Agreement is to promote the undertaking of activities requiring the sharing of NPS and OAH knowledge, skills and resources. NPS and OAH will undertake activities that promote the greater public and private understanding of American history for their mutual benefit and for the people of the United States as well as for future generations, so that they can enjoy the historic resources of the NPS.” - OAH/NPS Master Cooperative Agreement, 2015

For 25 years the Organization of American Historians has partnered with the National Park Service to bring leading scholarship to bear on the presentation of history at our national parks.

Through the OAH cooperative agreement with the NPS, members can take advantage of opportunities for sponsored research projects that allow for student engagement during the process and potential avenues for publication upon completion. The OAH undertakes a wide range of projects, including scholars’ visits to national park sites, administrative histories, historic resource studies, national landmarks theme studies, peer review of interpretive material, curriculum development, and conferences and seminars. Through these projects, members can pursue their scholarly interests while also enriching the stories of our national parks

For specific questions about the OAH-NPS collaboration, please contact Paul J. Zwirecki, the OAH Director of Public History Programs, at